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Nicole by OPI Gumdrops “That’s What I Mint”

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Aloha folks! I’m comin’ at ya today with a swatch of a gorgeous texture polish that I picked up on clearance for fifty cents. Yes. You read that correctly. FIFTY. CENTS. I actually got the majority of the Gumdrops (PS. Just typed Gumpdrops) collection for the aforementioned fiddy cents. I guarantee I floated out of the store that day. ANYWAY. Today I’ll be showing you the drop dead gorgeous teal/blue “That’s What I Mint”, which isn’t actually a mint shade at all. Shame on you, NOPI name department. It’s a collection of blue, green, purple and gold texture that just makes my heart swoon. I used 2-3 coats because some nails handled the polish a little differently than others.

That's What I Mint

I mean…COME ON. I could stare at this polish for hours. It’s SO pretty.

That's What I Mint2

And that’s just inside. Can you imagine how stunning it is in the sun? Well, let’s find out…

That's What I Mint3

*dies* It really brings out the blue. I am so glad I bought this polish. And the others like it. I’ve worn three and they’ve all knocked my socks off so far. Don’t let me down, remaining colours!

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