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Influenster Vox: Garnier Fructis Color Shield

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*The products in this post were provided by Influenster for honest review*

Aloha folks! Today I have a non nail related post! The great folks from Influenster sent me some hair products for review this time around! I received the Garnier Fructis Color Shield Complete Defense system, geared to my needs. The box came with the shampoo and conditioner, which I had used prior to receiving this box, and the Blonde Refresher hair mask. Let’s just say, I am in love. Β The mask is just what I needed for my hair. I’ve used it twice already and it’s done quite well. Granted, there are still a few pieces that look yellow, but those need to be re-bleached so that’s not the fault of the product. Click through for bottles shots and thoughts!


The blonde mask is pretty straight forward (and purple!) to use. You just wash your hair and then throw it on for about ten minutes. Then just rinse out! And it smells pretty friggin great too.


Here is a picture of my hair after using the mask:

2014-08-24 15.16.54

And, since nails are more my thing, I did not get a before picture of my hair. Oops.

Overall, I am very pleased with these products, especially the mask, because I just can’t justify salon prices for hair care. I love how affordable these products are and I would actually love to try the Shine and Care spray, since my hair also tends to be quite dull some days. Thank you so much for the opportunity to review these products, Influenster!


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