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Sephora “Pink Bikini”

Aloha! I know it’s been a while. It always has. I’m trying to get better. In fact, I’m spending all day swatching a bunch of polish and then tomorrow I will edit photos and schedule posts. At least, that’s the plan. Today though, I’m going to share an old Sephora polish I got way back in June for my birthday. Yeah. I just wore it this month. Go me. It’s a polish from a mini set called “Paint Rio in Neon”, which is exactly what it sounds like. A set of four mini neon polishes. The bottles are coloured to match the polish that contains them, which is pretty cool.

The colour I’m going to show you today is called Pink Bikini. It’s not a TRUE neon shade, which was a bit of a bummer when I first applied it. But it grew on. It wasn’t quite a “bleached” neon. More of a “bright” polish I suppose. It was a surprisingly flattering pink shade for me. I have issues with pinks and reds. They need blue tones in them, or I hate the look of them on me. Oddly enough, oranges are not such a problem. But now I’m off topic. I applied two coats of Pink Bikini and called it a day. I would’ve applied top coat, but I actually liked how it dried down. It dried with a rubber kind of look and that was enough for me.

Sephora Pink Bikini

It’s not as bubblegum pink in real life but that is par for the course with neons. True or not. The formula was so creamy and dreamy, I can only hope the other three (green, orange and yellow) are just as cooperative. I didn’t have to do any cleanup at all. Not that I usually do anyway, if we’re being honest.

Sephora Pink Bikini2

I just love this colour! I will definitely be keeping it.

Which brings me to my last bit of news: I’m moving (into a house) and am trying to trim down my collection haha. So I am going on a swatch rampage to make sure I like how the colours look on me! You better believe I am going to document that process and show you my new area, when it’s all set up!


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