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Stamping practice with PUEEN

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Aloha! Well, let me tell you. I am the QUEEN of empty promises. I have good intentions, honestly. If it’s any consolation, my free time has been spent working on *drumroll* A NEW HOUSE. Yes that is correct. Mr. J and I have a house. It is ours and it is wonderful and it is not without its faults, but it is ours. I GET TO HAVE A NAIL POLISH ROOM. CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT! I KNOW YOU CAN.

Ahem. Needless to say, my nails need a lot of TLC. So I have been oiling and lotioning the crap out of them. And now I can’t stop thinking about Squints and his obsession with Wendy Peppercorn. Or Peffercorn. I clearly need to watch the Sandlot again. Here I go, rambling. I’m really good at that too.

Back in…July(?) I ordered a Pueen set of stamping plates. Stamping and I are on rocky grounds. After one attempt. Maybe two. I view stamping the way most people view watermarbling. It’s a pain in the rear and rarely worth the effort. Until you perfect it. Then it’s friggin magical. Unfortunately, I haven’t perfected either technique. Yet somehow, I’d rather watermarble than stamp any day. Does that make me weird? Of course it does. BUT. I feel like I did an OK job with this go at stamps. I smudged it with topcoat and the black I used wasn’t opaque enough but I really love it! It’s so 90s. I mean 80s. And one of my fingers looks like the cover for an Alien movie. Possibly the fourth one, or the anthology I have. Jesus Christ I ramble.


HOW COOL. I will absolutely be doing this again because I love it. I will never get over black and neon. I wasn’t even raised in the 80s but I feel that is where my heart belongs. My favourite nail is probably my ring finger. Probably because I love that green. Which is a Color Club polish. That I of course can’t remember the name of because this mani is from July (?). The thumb is pretty cool too. Look.


I NEED to get a good black stamping polish.

That’s all for today, friends. I’m not going to make anymore promises. I will be back when I’m back. Hopefully that is soon. I just need to keep loving the crap out of my cuticles.


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