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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Joe Fresh “Nude Glaze”

Aloha! Long time no polish! Well, not nearly as long as some of my disappearances have been. But still long enough to be classified a “disappearance”. I’ve been busy with unpacking the house and just general life things. More life things than unpacking because, let’s face it, I loathe unpacking about as much as I loathe packing. It’s a very slow process. But that is not why I am here today. I’m here because I painted my nails for the first time in a week or so. I know. What have I been doing that is more important than nail polish? Getting my hands back up in top shape. I’ve been lotioning and oiling the crap out of my hands and I think it’s finally starting to work. FINALLY. So I felt brave enough to post.

Joe Fresh is a Canadian nail polish brand that I can only find in my local grocery store. I have posted about them before, but that was way back, when I was really bad at this. I will have to redo that post. They’re a great little polish line, among other things, and their nail polish is great quality. Plus, you can’t beat the price of them at $4 a bottle. Sure, they’re a bit smaller than your average polish; 6 mL vs 13.3 mL in a Sally Hansen. But like I said, the polish is great quality. I have yet to find one that I didn’t like.

Nude Glaze is no exception. It’s a gorgeous taupe/fig nude with silver shimmer. Once on the nail, the shimmer dominates the base colour, allowing it to meld closely with the skin tone of the wearer. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the colour on me. In some lights, I thought my fingers looked dirty. But it grew on me. I applied three coats, because it is a little sheer, and then two coats of Essence Gel Look top coat. Don’t ask me why I used two coats. I only needed one. I guess I just REALLY wanted shiny nails. As muddy as this polish looks at night, it more than makes up for it during the day. This is a keeper, and a surprisingly unique addition to my stash.

Nude Glaze2

That’s all for today folks. I will leave you with this: Mr. J bought me the Ciate advent calendar as an early Christmas gift and now I can’t wait until December 1. It’s something I need to help kick me back into blogging. Do you think he’ll believe me when I tell him that advent calendars are traditionally started on November 27?

China Glaze “One Track Mind” with a twist

Aloha! Today I have a glorious China Glaze polish to show you. This polish comes from their fall collection, All Aboard. I bought this collection in two parts from my local Winners and I am so glad I did.

One Track Mind is a beautiful, rich, creamy navy polish that GLIDES ON LIKE BUTTER. Notice the excitement with all the capitals. I really love this polish and can’t believe I was ever on the fence about buying this half of the collection. I would’ve missed out on this beauty! And then kicked myself forever. Luckily, I talked myself into buying this set. I can’t wait to use the rest of the colours, but I am a bit worried that I’ve used the best one first and it will only go downhill from there. All of this swatching and pairing polishes with other polishes is a stepping stone to get me back into nail art. I MISS IT. But I’ve just had no energy or inspiration for anything other than plain old swatches.

So, I paired One Track Mind with an accent nail of Deborah Lippmann’s  “Lost In Space” and it was the perfect base colour for this glitter. I could probably get away with wearing it on its own, but I wanted to see how it would look. And then on the rest of my nails, I topped it with two coats of OPI’s “Man With The Golden Gun”. I often forget how pretty, gold leaf polish is over deep, vampy colours.

One Track Mind6

I wasn’t as in love with the Lippman accent nail as I was with the OPI nails. The Lippman is pretty but I think I’ll have to try it again on its own and see if I can bring out some depth.

One Track Mind7

Such navy. Much vampy. Very glitter. Wow.

That’s all for today folks! Thanks for stopping by!

From the Vault: Hard Candy “Cotton Candy Pink”

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Aloha! Do you ever have days where you swatch a bunch of nail polish, take photos, look at said photos and realize you are terrible? I need to work on my skills. Maybe build a light box. Also, get new cuticles. So, I decided to go rummaging through my photos from when I was in practice and my cuticle game was strong. I aspire to get back to those days.

Cotton Candy Pink is from the revamped Hard Candy nail polish line. It’s a really pretty jelly pink base with white, grey and purple/blue hex glitters. I used two coats for these swatches. I love these polishes. They’re called “Candy Sprinkles” and I’m fairly certain I have them all. There are seven in total and they all have that delicious candy look to them.

These photos were also taken before the great nail fail of 2013, which is hard to believe was almost two years ago. And, admittedly, my cuticle game isn’t AS strong as it could’ve been. None the less, they look better than they do right now. I need to dig this colour out of its box and wear it again. The pink is so flattering with my skin tone!

Cotton Candy Pink

Yeah. Definitely need to slap this baby on again.

Cotton Candy Pink2

Mr. J and I are officially moved in to the house now! The fun of setting up and planning my nail polish room begins. The walls are plaster and lath, which knocks wall mounting shelves out of the running. Oh the joys. That’s all for today, folks! See ya next time!