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From the Vault: Hard Candy “Cotton Candy Pink”

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Aloha! Do you ever have days where you swatch a bunch of nail polish, take photos, look at said photos and realize you are terrible? I need to work on my skills. Maybe build a light box. Also, get new cuticles. So, I decided to go rummaging through my photos from when I was in practice and my cuticle game was strong. I aspire to get back to those days.

Cotton Candy Pink is from the revamped Hard Candy nail polish line. It’s a really pretty jelly pink base with white, grey and purple/blue hex glitters. I used two coats for these swatches. I love these polishes. They’re called “Candy Sprinkles” and I’m fairly certain I have them all. There are seven in total and they all have that delicious candy look to them.

These photos were also taken before the great nail fail of 2013, which is hard to believe was almost two years ago. And, admittedly, my cuticle game isn’t AS strong as it could’ve been. None the less, they look better than they do right now. I need to dig this colour out of its box and wear it again. The pink is so flattering with my skin tone!

Cotton Candy Pink

Yeah. Definitely need to slap this baby on again.

Cotton Candy Pink2

Mr. J and I are officially moved in to the house now! The fun of setting up and planning my nail polish room begins. The walls are plaster and lath, which knocks wall mounting shelves out of the running. Oh the joys. That’s all for today, folks! See ya next time!


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