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China Glaze “One Track Mind” with a twist

Aloha! Today I have a glorious China Glaze polish to show you. This polish comes from their fall collection, All Aboard. I bought this collection in two parts from my local Winners and I am so glad I did.

One Track Mind is a beautiful, rich, creamy navy polish that GLIDES ON LIKE BUTTER. Notice the excitement with all the capitals. I really love this polish and can’t believe I was ever on the fence about buying this half of the collection. I would’ve missed out on this beauty! And then kicked myself forever. Luckily, I talked myself into buying this set. I can’t wait to use the rest of the colours, but I am a bit worried that I’ve used the best one first and it will only go downhill from there. All of this swatching and pairing polishes with other polishes is a stepping stone to get me back into nail art. I MISS IT. But I’ve just had no energy or inspiration for anything other than plain old swatches.

So, I paired One Track Mind with an accent nail of Deborah Lippmann’s Β “Lost In Space” and it was the perfect base colour for this glitter. I could probably get away with wearing it on its own, but I wanted to see how it would look. And then on the rest of my nails, I topped it with two coats of OPI’s “Man With The Golden Gun”. I often forget how pretty, gold leaf polish is over deep, vampy colours.

One Track Mind6

I wasn’t as in love with the Lippman accent nail as I was with the OPI nails. The Lippman is pretty but I think I’ll have to try it again on its own and see if I can bring out some depth.

One Track Mind7

Such navy. Much vampy. Very glitter. Wow.

That’s all for today folks! Thanks for stopping by!


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