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Ciate Advent Calendar Catchup Part 1!

Aloha! So, I have a lot of catching up to do with the Advent Calendar. What can I say? Life happened. When I last left you, I was talking to you about Superficial, which is a gorgeous colour. I’m not going to label the days because I honestly can’t remember which ones are which, so I’m just going to spam you with swatch photos.

Beach Bum was a fantastic nudey sand colour that looked so good on me. I’m sure I have a handful of colours just like this but for now, let’s pretend this is the only one. It did have that horrible patchy formula that seems to have plagued all of my Ciate cremes thus far. I just don’t get it. It’s got to be me. There is no way a brand of polish can be this bad. I refuse to believe it. I used two coats for the photos below.

Beach Bum

Apple and Custard was a weird colour. It’s a pea soup green that looks life barf on the first coat, then seems to find its legs on the second. At first, I really hated this colour. But it kinda grew on me. Not much, but a little. It had that same weird patchiness going on and guys. At this point in the AC, I’m getting a little bummed. The colours are ok, nothing amazing. They are pretty but plain. That might just be my love for flashy colours talking though. Espadrilles should’ve come way later in the calendar. It’s been my favourite so far.

Apple and Custard3

Knee Highs is a deep, shimmery navy blue. This is more like it! Then again, I doubt I could ever find a blue I hate. I LOVE when deep colours have that glow from within going on. Once I applied the first coat of this, I breathed a sigh of relief. A smooth, effortless formula. No patchiness, no streaking. Just buttery goodness.

Knee Highs

Next up, is Talent Scout, which is a great purple creme. Yes, I used the word great to describe a Ciate creme. I recently bought a bottle of Duri’s Rejuvacote and used that as my base for this polish. It must’ve been my base coat all along. I added an accent of Push and Shove as well. That was polish was…woah. In a good and bad way. The special base coat that comes with it really does nothing to help apply it. But that’s another post for another day. I really loved Talent Scout. It was a dusty, red toned purple as I was applying it, then just seemed to pull out some random blue tone once it was dry. Works for me! I used to coats for the photos below!

Talent Scout

That’s it for this post. Next post I will be back with the rest of my Advent Calendar polishes, including today’s full sized polish! Happy Christmas Eve, loves!

Ciate “Superficial” AC Day 14

Aloha! I sort of vanished, didn’t I? Well. The last four days were insane. I had just enough time to sleep and breathe, so nail painting and blogging was out of the question. That’s the only downside to this series. I can’t schedule posts in advance because…it’s an advent calendar and I’m not going to cheat. Mainly because Mr. J would kill me. Plus it’s fun to have a new polish to look forward to every day. Day 12 was the black version of “Girl With A Pearl” and Day 13 was a polish I already have, and until now, was sure I had blogged! I’ll be sure to post it tomorrow! Today (Day 15) I got another loose glitter, which I still can’t deal with right now. I’m so wiped out but things should calm down a smidge. At least until next week.

Superficial is a weird colour. I honestly can’t tell if it’s green or blue. Sometimes, I’m sure it’s green. Then, other times, it’s absolutely blue. No, it’s not a duochrome. It’s just a standard creme shade. Ciate’s website says it’s a “deep marine aqua” colour. Er…ok. I’d describe it as a deep hunter green, but that’s me. It does indeed have blue in it but I’d call it green. This is actually the shade of green I always pictured Slytherin wearing. I used two coats for the pictures below and guys. There HAS to be something wrong with my base coat because there is no way this many nail polishes have a terrible formula. It’s was patchy and kind of a nightmare. You can see it at the tips of my nails, all the trouble I had. And it has been almost ALL of the Ciate polishes I’ve used. So it can’t be the polish. That would be too unfortunate.


It’s such a pretty colour, formula flaws or not. That’s all for Day 14! Stay tuned tomorrow for a look at Day 13 and Day 16!

Ciate “Strawberry Milkshake” AC Day 11

Aloha! I know I said I was going to use the loose glitter in today’s post but…guys. I friggin CAN’T. Loose glitter is one of the least appealing things to me right now and really, today’s colour isn’t a good compliment for the glitter. I will include pictures of the glitter in the bottle because it deserves to be seen. But you will have to wait to see it on the nail. Now is not a time for me for me to commit to glitter. Yeah, I know. It should always be time for me to commit to glitter. Instead, I chose to commit to this pastel pink nightmare. I said it. This polish is a nightmare. I don’t know if Ciate just really needs to work on their pastels and light cremes or if I am just completely inept. In a wild display of self esteem, I am blaming Ciate. Strawberry Milkshake was three coats of patchy, streaky baby pink mess. Don’t get me wrong, it is a gorgeous colour. For some reason, this and hot pink are the only sorts of pink I enjoy.

Strawberry Milkshake

Mmmmm it does actually look like a strawberry milkshake.

Strawberry Milkshake4

OK and now I will show you the glitter, in all of its glory.


This is Prima Ballerina. I have glitter like this that I bought for a dollar but it’s ok because it is a pretty glitter. I am actually excited to use it. Just not right now. If I get another loose glitter tomorrow, I am going to go on a rampage. See you tomorrow!

Joe Fresh “Kaleidoscope”

Aloha! This isn’t an Advent Calendar post because today’s post was loose glitter and I can’t deal with that tonight. So, instead of not posting at all, I decided to toss up some swatches of a polish I intended on showing you a while ago but couldn’t find the bottle when I wanted to blog it. I’m pretty awesome that way. This polish comes from Joe Fresh, which I have talked about before. Most recently with Nude Glaze. Kaleidoscope is a gorgeous insanely dense, multichrome flakie that flashes from gold to green to purple and pink. Which obviously means I had a hard time capturing it. The few pictures I did get to turn out, really only show the gold/green flash with hints of purple. But at least it’s something. I used it alone, with two coats, though I’m sure it would look stellar over a dark polish. I may try it over a dark purple after Christmas. I bet that would look great.


It’s actually a great colour for my skin tone and I’m SOOOOO glad I have it. Funny story about it actually. It was part of a special collection, which meant it was always excluded from the sales and priced a bit higher than the other colours in the core line. It still wasn’t expensive (six dollars compare to four) but it was more than I wanted to pay for such a small bottle. So, I was wandering around the grocery store and I saw the heart stopping sale tag. ON THIS POLISH. The sake was 4/$10 so I “begrudgingly” looked at all of the other polishes to find ones that really caught my eye. When I did, I made my way to the self check out and scanned them all. Well. The deal wasn’t registering. So I flagged the attendant. She then called someone else, who looked at me and said “This has a different coloured cap and isn’t part of the sale”. To which I replied “Well the tag was on them so I grabbed it.” At this point, I was getting antsy because I needed to catch a bus and this was wasting my time. So, the lady sort of gave me the “You’re full of shit” look and stated she was going to go check my story. The Superstore has a policy where, if something scans at the wrong price, you get it for free, assuming it’s under a certain limit. By now, you can probably guess where this is going. Sure enough, when the woman returned from making sure I wasn’t a liar, I was rewarded with four free polishes. I missed the bus, but Christmas came early so I didn’t care.



And here I am trying to show off the purple. Didn’t do the greatest job but you can still kind of see it. Anyway, I will leave you with this and see you tomorrow with Day 11. I’ll incorporate the glitter in with it!


Ciate “Mineral Love” AC day 9

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Aloha! Welcome to Room 9 of the Mini Mani Mansion! After two less than stellar rooms, I was over joyed when I opened door number nine. Mineral Love is a GORGEOUS salmon pink with gold sparkle and shimmer. What was even more surprising was application. It went on like a dream again and dried with a texture! A texture much like the OPI Liquid Sands. I’m not sure if Ciate ever jumped on the texture bandwagon, and if Mineral Love was advertised as a texture. But boy oh boy. It’s one of the best textures I’ve used. And it is incredibly flattering. This one is pretty opaque at two coats but you could use three if you wanted to really cover any VNL.

Mineral Love

So pretty. I can’t wait to see it in the sun.

Mineral Love6

This will be a stunner in the summer, with Espadrilles. See you tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel!

Ciate “Boom Box” and “Loop the Loop” AC Days 7&8

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Aloha! I know, I did it again. But I promise that won’t be a habit these next 16 days. I just didn’t have any energy yesterday at all. So, instead of doing two separate posts, I just wore these colours together, using “Loop the Loop” as an accent.

After all of the praise-singing I did about the formula of the last 6 colours, these two colours really let me down. I did actually expect this from LTL, since it was a yellow. But Boom Box was a surprise. They both applied like a hot, patchy mess and still weren’t 100% opaque after three coats. Boom Box was a little easier to control and I did get more pigmentation out of it, so that leads me to believe I could do it properly if I was very careful with application. But there is no hope for Loop the Loop. I also feel like this colour would look better on someone with darker skin, but that’s just me.

Boom Box

I don’t know. I’m not really leaning one way or another on these two. Boom Box is pretty but I feel like it’s very close to Sally Hansen’s Blue Me Away, which is a colour I love. Maybe I’ll have to do a comparison post when all of this is done.

Boom Box2

I know my skin looks blue here. I don’t know why. See you folks tomorrow for Day 9!

Ciate “Ivory Queen” AC day 6

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Aloha! Second post of the day, I know. I missed yesterday because of work and Christmas and hair cuts. Also life. I was so sad I missed posting yesterday. But I hope that was just a blip and I don’t do it again. The polish I unveiled today was an excitement. But…as soon as I put it on my nails, I was pretty sure it was a bad polish colour for me. It gave me the worst mannequin hands. Dollar store mannequin hands, if they had mannequins. In the bottle, its a friggin amazing nude/peach colour with warm gold shimmer. On my skin tone, it looks weird. Not bad, but not quite right either. I used three coats for my photos and I still had dragging and patchiness at my cuticles. I’ll try it one more time over a solid base before I decide its fate.

Ivory Queen

Here it is in indirect light, I didn’t use topcoat because I knew I’d be covering it.

Ivory Queen3

The shimmer…damn you. Why can’t you be so obvious? Yeah…I’m on the fence with this. Maybe one more wear during the day to see how well it looks in the sun. That reveals all the wonder. Sorry these posts were so short but dang I am tired haha. Let’s see what tomorrow holds.