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Ciate “Kiss Chase” AKA Day One of my Advent Calendar

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Aloha! Welcome to the first day of my Ciate Advent Calendar excitement. You have no idea how hard it was for me to wait to open that first little door. And I won’t like; I was a bit bummed when I opened it and the first colour was pink. Pink and I…man. It has been a bumpy ride. I also wasn’t sure if I’d used this colour before, as one of the foil kit bases. I still can’t remember but I’ve applied the polish and immediately forgotten why I was worried about this colour. It is SO pretty. Yet…so weird.

OK. Here’s the deal. Where I’m sitting, right now, the colour looks like a delicious gumball pink. All the right tones of blue and basically everything I look for in a pink polish. But, when I got up to take pictures…it was a salmon colour. No joke. No matter what I did, it would not look like the amazing blue tone pink gumball I wanted it to.

Kiss Chase2

…What are this? Don’t get me wrong, I still love it. But it’s not the colour I am staring at right now. I mean, obviously it is the colour you see in those pictures. And I don’t understand. All the same lightbulbs contribute to the lighting of our house. What the problem is, Kiss Chase?

Kiss Chase


*sigh* You’re so pretty, I can’t stay mad at you. It was a mini size bottle, which is perfect for an advent calendar. I have more full size bottles than I know what to do with. No, really.

Kiss Chase4

I applied two coats and then one coat of Essence’s Gel Look top coat, which I must say, I’m not loving anymore. It bubbles like crazy now, and it’s not even halfway through. So…I’m pretty sure I’m done with it.

That’s all for today. I will do my very best to blog every single one of my advent calendar days. It may be hard, since I can’t do it in advance. But dang it, I will try! It will be the unofficial 24 days of Ciate up in here!


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