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Ciate “Meet Me In Mayfair” Day 3 of my AC

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Aloha! It’s day 3 here at the Ciate Mini Mani Mansion! Today’s polish is Meet Me In Mayfair, which was from Ciate’s Tweed collection of polishes. It’s a bar/feather glitter topper that consists of black, silver (possibly gold?) pastel pink and yellow glitters. Or so Ciate’s website says. I’m having a hard time seeing pink and my eyes can’t tell if they see yellow. But I know I see black, so I’m not completely blind. Guys…the lighting in this house is not the greatest. Well, that’s not fair. The lighting in the living room is not the greatest. My eyes hurt just thinking about it right now. Maybe that’s my mascara…now I’m rambling again.

The density of MMiM was awesome. I only used one coat for my pictures below and I got the coverage I wanted while still seeing the base colour: China Glaze “Wait N Sea”.

Meet Me In Mayfair

How pretty is that?! You know, I have to say, the formula on these Ciate polishes…day-um. They are SO easy to control and aren’t runny (I’m staring at you, Wait N Sea) or gloopy. They are a friggin dream to paint my nails with. Which is so weird because I had three full size Ciate’s that had the worst formula of life. Hmmm…they must’ve changed things up.

Meet Me In Mayfair4

I love holding these mini bottles. It makes me feel like a giant. Anyway, today it’s going to be short and sweet because I’m cutting it close to bed time and I don’t have much else to say about this polish other than IT’S FABULOUS. Stop by tomorrow and see what Day 4 is! Hopefully another glitter!


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