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Ciate “Girl With A Pearl” AC Day 4

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Aloha! Today I have a different spin on my Ciate advent calendar. Behind the little paper door this morning, I found a mini bottle filled with pearl studs. I was both excited and mad. Excited because it was different and mad because it was different. I have very small nail beds so studs are kind of a sore spot for me. I LOVE them. But they overwhelm my nail pretty much always. I persevered for today, because it’s for the good of the blog. There are really small ones, but I have to dump the bottle out to get to them, so that’s annoying. Plus, I accidentally tipped the bottle over and righted it. Then, when I opened it, pearls went everywhere. Also annoying.

I used two coats of Sally Hansen Midnight in NY from the Complete Salon Manicure line. This is a gorgeous black polish with multi coloured shimmer. I will have to do a post on this polish, with daylight or lightbox photos to do it justice. And then, I added dots of top coat near my cuticles where I wanted the pearls to sit. After they were secured, I sealed the look with top coat (which bubbled) and called it a day.

Girl With a Pearl

These are cute and I would use them again maybe on false nails or the small ones on my natural nails for sure. They weren’t as giant as I thought they would be, but they were still a touch too big for me.

Girl With a Pearl2

A cute bottle shot! Seriously. In love with these mini bottles! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! I almost peeked…but no. This pushes me to blog on a schedule and I love it! See you tomorrow!


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