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Ciate “Espadrilles” AC Day 5

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Aloha! I know I am late with day five. I had reasons. They were worth it. Anywho, I am going to post day 5 and day 6 together because of reasons. You know what? I am sad I missed this. This colour is PHWOAR. Seriously. Even Mr J said he had never seen a colour this nice, in all the years I have been showing him nail polish. I have to agree. This colour is…WOAH. It looks like it is on FIRE when you see it in the right light. It’s a gorgeous copper red polish with a major gold flash. There are no words, or sounds, for this polish.


I wish I had better pictures for you so you could drown in how amazing this polish is.

Espadrilles 3

To quote teenage girls and tumblr users everywhere: I can’t even.

I am actually so sad that this precedes day 6…


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