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Ciate “Ivory Queen” AC day 6

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Aloha! Second post of the day, I know. I missed yesterday because of work and Christmas and hair cuts. Also life. I was so sad I missed posting yesterday. But I hope that was just a blip and I don’t do it again. The polish I unveiled today was an excitement. But…as soon as I put it on my nails, I was pretty sure it was a bad polish colour for me. It gave me the worst mannequin hands. Dollar store mannequin hands, if they had mannequins. In the bottle, its a friggin amazing nude/peach colour with warm gold shimmer. On my skin tone, it looks weird. Not bad, but not quite right either. I used three coats for my photos and I still had dragging and patchiness at my cuticles. I’ll try it one more time over a solid base before I decide its fate.

Ivory Queen

Here it is in indirect light, I didn’t use topcoat because I knew I’d be covering it.

Ivory Queen3

The shimmer…damn you. Why can’t you be so obvious? Yeah…I’m on the fence with this. Maybe one more wear during the day to see how well it looks in the sun. That reveals all the wonder. Sorry these posts were so short but dang I am tired haha. Let’s see what tomorrow holds.


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