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Ciate “Boom Box” and “Loop the Loop” AC Days 7&8

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Aloha! I know, I did it again. But I promise that won’t be a habit these next 16 days. I just didn’t have any energy yesterday at all. So, instead of doing two separate posts, I just wore these colours together, using “Loop the Loop” as an accent.

After all of the praise-singing I did about the formula of the last 6 colours, these two colours really let me down. I did actually expect this from LTL, since it was a yellow. But Boom Box was a surprise. They both applied like a hot, patchy mess and still weren’t 100% opaque after three coats. Boom Box was a little easier to control and I did get more pigmentation out of it, so that leads me to believe I could do it properly if I was very careful with application. But there is no hope for Loop the Loop. I also feel like this colour would look better on someone with darker skin, but that’s just me.

Boom Box

I don’t know. I’m not really leaning one way or another on these two. Boom Box is pretty but I feel like it’s very close to Sally Hansen’s Blue Me Away, which is a colour I love. Maybe I’ll have to do a comparison post when all of this is done.

Boom Box2

I know my skin looks blue here. I don’t know why. See you folks tomorrow for Day 9!


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