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Joe Fresh “Kaleidoscope”

Aloha! This isn’t an Advent Calendar post because today’s post was loose glitter and I can’t deal with that tonight. So, instead of not posting at all, I decided to toss up some swatches of a polish I intended on showing you a while ago but couldn’t find the bottle when I wanted to blog it. I’m pretty awesome that way. This polish comes from Joe Fresh, which I have talked about before. Most recently with Nude Glaze. Kaleidoscope is a gorgeous insanely dense, multichrome flakie that flashes from gold to green to purple and pink. Which obviously means I had a hard time capturing it. The few pictures I did get to turn out, really only show the gold/green flash with hints of purple. But at least it’s something. I used it alone, with two coats, though I’m sure it would look stellar over a dark polish. I may try it over a dark purple after Christmas. I bet that would look great.


It’s actually a great colour for my skin tone and I’m SOOOOO glad I have it. Funny story about it actually. It was part of a special collection, which meant it was always excluded from the sales and priced a bit higher than the other colours in the core line. It still wasn’t expensive (six dollars compare to four) but it was more than I wanted to pay for such a small bottle. So, I was wandering around the grocery store and I saw the heart stopping sale tag. ON THIS POLISH. The sake was 4/$10 so I “begrudgingly” looked at all of the other polishes to find ones that really caught my eye. When I did, I made my way to the self check out and scanned them all. Well. The deal wasn’t registering. So I flagged the attendant. She then called someone else, who looked at me and said “This has a different coloured cap and isn’t part of the sale”. To which I replied “Well the tag was on them so I grabbed it.” At this point, I was getting antsy because I needed to catch a bus and this was wasting my time. So, the lady sort of gave me the “You’re full of shit” look and stated she was going to go check my story. The Superstore has a policy where, if something scans at the wrong price, you get it for free, assuming it’s under a certain limit. By now, you can probably guess where this is going. Sure enough, when the woman returned from making sure I wasn’t a liar, I was rewarded with four free polishes. I missed the bus, but Christmas came early so I didn’t care.



And here I am trying to show off the purple. Didn’t do the greatest job but you can still kind of see it. Anyway, I will leave you with this and see you tomorrow with Day 11. I’ll incorporate the glitter in with it!



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