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Fossil Fridays: L’Oreal Bijou Crystals B. Fearless

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Well, well, well. It looks like I have a FF for you guys after all! Chalk it up to getting some much needed sleep and snuggle time with my bed. It didn’t to have Mr. J either. It’s the first time I’ve gotten just the right amount of sleep in a while. Lately it’s been too little (too often) or TOO. MUCH. Yes, you can have too much sleep. I think that actually makes me feel worse. I just feel so lethargic and bummed when I sleep too much. So it was a good morning. Needless to say, here I am with an amazing fossil for you today.

This one is a polish I actually hoarded when my step dad helped close/renovate an old dollar store. Why he was compelled to take all of the nail polish and make up, I don’t know. But he is my favourite for it. Otherwise these glorious gems never would’ve made it into my collection. And there are a lot of them. When I started this series, I thought I would have Mr. J pick the fossil of the week, because he supports my obsession hobby completely. And every week, I would put this polish in the lineup, but he would never go for it! I have quickly learned that he has a pull towards duochromes. And things that are ugly. Little does he know, that the “ugly” polishes are actually something I covet. I bought a polish called Brick by Joe Fresh because it was on clearance and it was the perfect Meatwad colour. He saw it and said: “Oh my God it looks like someone put an old period in a bottle!”

…thanks, Mr. J. So, after several failed attempts to bait the hook, I just picked this polish. He’ll be back next week haha.

LOreal B. Fearless4


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Fossil Friday Sally Hansen Ghoulish Green

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Aloha! Today I have a “gross one” as Mr. J calls it. This is an oldie (obviously) from Sally Hansen. It was part of an old Halloween collection, I assume. I’ve only shown it on its own, because if I layered it, I wouldn’t have day to capture it. But I do plan on layering this because BAM! There is a blue-green glow that I can’t wait to unleash on the sun!

After last week, I was hoping I would get this all scheduled to go up while I was at work, but then I was thrown a “closing shift” curveball last night and Mr. J was having a sleepover at his parents’ house. So, once again, I’m under the wire. But NOT next week. I will schedule this on Wednesday if I have to!

SH Ghoulish Green


SH Ghoulish Green2


Look at that bottle! Isn’t it ridiculous! I would also like to note that the meat slicer at Q and I are NOT on speaking terms. It seems to be hungry and the only thing that satiates it, would be my fingernails, apparently. It’s eaten FOUR of them. Yes. FOUR. Thankfully, my nails grow fast, so you haven’t had to see the aftermath of my traumas. I was also thinking of taking Folic acid, because it’s supposed to help with nail and hair growth. BUT, I do not need the headache of people in my life thinking I’m trying to have a baby.

SH Ghoulish Green4


Here is the Uggo under flash. It’s such a horrible colour but I LOVE IT.

Have a good night amigos and have a good weekend!

Fossil Friday: Wet N Wild Black Ice

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OK so I am REALLY down to the wire on this guy. And I wish I had gotten WAY better pictures to showcase this beauty. But I rushed it, and it suffers.

This is another polish gift from Momtar many moons ago. It was one of the first “halloween” polishes I got and it has a wonderful bruised look. It’s a great red based purple with a green/blue shimmer and…it looks like a freakin’ day old bruise! I LOVE IT!




Here it is, super saturated under the flash.



And I managed to catch it on a rare angle when the shimmer flashes blue! Can you see the bruise comparison? *Homer drooling* I love this polish. Clearly, as it had been around just as long as my LAST fossil! And please ignore my decal…it was an experiment and now I want to take the darn thing off because it is the wrong kind of flashy!

(Belated) Fossil Friday: Sally Hansen Chrome Turquoise

Aloha readers! I worked really late last night and my previous mani held up much better than I thought it would on an 8 hour closing shift at the big Q. Not much of an excuse…but the ten thirty arrival time at home followed by my eleven thirty bed time is what did me in. In that hour of unwinding, I did wrangle a line up of polishes and set Mr. J loose. By the light of his Mac and the intrigue of the bottle (maybe even the fact that is said ‘Chrome Nail Makeup) he chose this beauty:

Sally Hansen Turquoise


This is one of the VERY FIRST polishes I ever owned. I’m not one who enjoys revealing her age…but this polish has been with me for 16 years. Yes. You read that right. And it still flows like relatively new! My momtar bought me this, long ago, as I was on the verge of “womanhood” and should have been into things like this. Remarkably, it is still with me. So for all of those believers in ‘nail polish goes bad’ here is proof that some of them age like wine.

A 1997 vintage, this chrome went on a little patchy and I needed three coats to even it out. It flowed quite nicely, all things considered, but did reek of chemicals. It wasn’t overly brush-strokey either, which was nice. And it had an amazing dry time! The brush was a bit wonky, but I imagine that’s because it’s 16 years old.

Sally Hansen Turquoise3


And here we have it by the grey light of day!

This stellar ’97 vintage is best enjoyed at room temperature. Its very high pigment content makes it best enjoyed in no more than three thin coats. Such a strong polish should be matched with a sturdy (ridge filling, if needed) base coat and an equally sturdy top coat. I recommend resisting the urge to swirl the bottle and sniff the chrome, as it could lead to mild lightheadedness. There have been many replicas in this world, but so far, there can be only one original in my collection. I am very proud to have managed to maintain possession of such a beauty, as I have created many a memory after consuming this polish. I will continue to hold on to it, maybe using it for such things as stamping or art, thanks to its rapid dry time and uber pigmentation.

I hope you all enjoyed another glimpse into my polish past!

Fossil Friday: NYX Lime

Long time no post! But seriously…hello folks! I am actually very excited to start this feature, because as much as I love and adore all of the blogs I follow, I get a little burnt out with new, well known, collections being swatched all at the same time. Don’t get me wrong; those girls kill all of their swatches and I am sort of jealous I have limited access to new collection. But it’s kind of nice (for me) to see something a touch different. Enter my ancient polish collection! I am a sucker for nostalgia, so when I see another blog post swatches of a polish I have, I get very giddy. Why? Who knows?

This time, I chose…ok no. Mr. J chose, NYX Lime. I will offer mild backstory when I can remember it…which may not be all that often. Anywho…NYX Lime is a polish I picked up eons (about six years) ago, when I lived in Ottawa and worked at Laser Quest. I grabbed three polishes because, even though I wasn’t a lacquerhead, I still liked having painted nails. And I have always felt a connection with the ugly-pretty aspect of life. My momtar calls me “quirky” but I’m just plain weird. So of course, the second I saw this colour, I NEEDED it. I used to call it Slimer green, even though Slimer is radioactive. I think I just wanted to ignore that this colour was more like vomit or baby poo. But again, I DIDN’T CARE.

NYX Lime2

I don’t know why this looks so weird. But this polish is slightly bluer in tone. And looks less like…a bodily expulsion. And I honestly forgot how much I love this polish! I got so wrapped up in glitter and shimmer and…sparkly beauties…that I forgot my love of the ugly colours. Now, NYX has since release a new (glassfleck, shimmery) version of Lime, that I also purchased because it was pretty. And I love, love, LOVE the new bottles. Apparently very Deborah Lippman’s bottles. I wouldn’t know hahaha. But I love them for organizational purposes. Especially for those STUPID NOPI bottles. Why? Why? WHY WOULD YOU UNLEASH BOTTLES LIKE THAT ON THE POLISH WORLD, OPI! Mr. J has a co-worker who is a bit of a neat-freak. I showed him the NOPI bottles and that was all he said; WHY.

NYX Lime3

Under a flash-light, you can see the yellow undertone of this polish. I don’t care what light I view this under, I still love it. I tried to take accurate colour photos of this polish but I didn’t overly succeed. So I took pictures at work under florescent light and with a Mountain Dew bottle.

NYX Lime5

Mildly more colour accurate. Seriously. I love this. And I will NOT be purging it.

The formula was great. It smelled like a chem lab, but it flowed like a dream. I used two coats but should’ve used three. Say what you want about all of those chemical laden polishes of yesterday, but I loved how easy this was to control and it was before the time of the 3-Free polishes that still had to find their formula footing. I would definitely use three coats next time, or two coats over some light-neutral underwear. I think I might use Mr. J to choose many of my Fossil Friday polishes…

Either way, thanks for stopping by and I will be back with one of my Drugstore favourites: GOSH!