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Unnamed Peach Franken

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Aloha! My hands are undergoing some serious moisturizing at the moment, so now you can finally see the pastel neon peach shade I made in my thirst for clean, bright colours! In about five hours, the heat in our apartment will (hopefully) be back on. Until then…nails!


AH! SO PRETTY! It’s a touch brighter in person but still so awesome.


Mmmmmm, smooth peach. Peach smoothie? I WANT PEACHES!

And now, back to Warehouse 13, thanks to Adventures in Acetone!

Another round of franken fun!

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Hello folks! I’m still swatching and playing around with lighting and such, so I decided to take a break and make myself a new polish. Because I don’t have enough polish already…

A looooooooooong time ago, I picked up some glitter at my local dollar store. They were/are matte and neon and AWESOME. Of course, the first thing I thought was “Those would make some kick ass glitter polish.” But I had a run of bad luck with glitters and melting, so I didn’t want to chance it with these glitters until I could make some adjustments. So I promptly put them away and forgot about them, which is totally my style.

Then I saw this post by the lovely and talented Deez (of Deez Nailz fame) and almost smacked myself. She made the exact glitter I was thinking of making (great minds) AND informed us readers that the glitter doesn’t melt or bleed! I’m glad I was home alone, because I let out a cry of such excitement that I’m quite sure would give Mr. J fuel to torment me. More than he already does. So of course I grabbed for my empty bottles and glitter and began mixing.

Well…it turned out PERFECTLY. Until the next day, when it all settled to the bottom. Nothing a little stir from a wooden skewer can’t fix. I am SO glad I stumbled on that blog post, Deez! You rock!

It also satisfies a bit of lemming that I had forĀ Floam.


The holo on my ring finger is also a franken. We will get in to that later.


How about a little indoors action?

Seriously, I love this. It’s so fun. And I actually got compliments! FROM GUYS! I never get compliments!

Also…this is going to sound WEIRD to people, but I adore the shape of my ring fingernail. I wish ALL of my other nails, looked just like that one…

I hope you enjoyed this round of franken fun and I hope you stay tuned for To Dupe or Not To Dupe, June edition!


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Howdy y’all! I know it’s been a while and I am sorry. I need a schedule. It’s bad. If I don’t write it down, I don’t remember it. But if I meet someone once, I remember them for much longer than I’d like to.

UPDATE: I started this, saved it as a draft…and then entered that nail art contest. Can’t tell if that makes me more of a terrible blogger, or less. Either way: FRANKENS!

Well. Franken. Singular. But it has a grillion pictures to accompany it, so I like to think that is more than fair.

This was a polish I made about a month ago for a friends’ wedding. They had a peacock theme, so I knew immediately that I wanted a duochrome. So I got to work, planning my beauty. I picked up a spare bottle of Shine of the Times when it was on a rare clearance sale and when I sat it down next to a bottle of Joe Fresh Peacock…an idea was violently formed. Duochrome…and flakies? SOLD! I actually didn’t end up using much of Peacock. It wasn’t colour-shifting enough for me. So I used a blue and threw in an old duochrome eyeshadow that I had laying around. I really love how the cool tones of the base polish brought out the red/pink of Shine of the Times. It is a gorgeous polish that I can’t get enough of, and actually ended up wearing as a full mani for a week.

I hmmmed and haaaa’d over the name but never really settled on one; they all seemed super lame and cheesy. So it shall remain unnamed, but it will always be the “PA” polish to me.

Naked nails!

On the nail!

I mean…hello gorgeous!

Ignore the glitter…if you can

I had SUCH a hard time capturing the colour shift of this polish but trust me. It was a beauty!

The wedding was a complete blast! Both bride and groom looked stunning in their garb (she was radiant and gorgeous and I was SO jealous of how awesome her hair was!) and they even had matching shoes! Two toned spats! Look it up, kids. Mr. J looked fetching in his blue (as he so often does. Blue is his colour) and I didn’t look half bad myself. A few pictures:

Those shoes are great!

And since I am not too sure how either one would feel about me posting pictures of them on my blog, I will give you a vague glimpse at the two, with a very AWESOME look at how gorgeous that dress was!

Have a good night, folks and I promise I shall try to be a better blogger!

Another Freeze Franken!

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When I went on my Kardashian Kolor (still a STUPID name) binge, I was certain that I needed “It’s All About The Glam.” But when I was “Freeze” frankening, it was staring at me. So I dug out Wet N Wild Saved by The Blue and grabbed a bottle of NYC Clear. I had some empty bottles kicking around so I dumped half of the clear into a bottle. I poured a little less than half of SBTB into the bottle and topped it off with It’s All About The Glam. Then I shook it like a mofo and applied two coats. It went on wonderfully. I was concerned it would be sheer, what with all clear in it. But two coats and boom.

Look at that glow!

I wish I could say that I got GREAT swatches of this. But I went out for drinks, so I didn’t take pictures. So here I am holding beer!

My middle finger has my "Everything Freeze's" top coat

Moar beer!

And here is a bottle shot of Everything Freeze’s

I still need a name for this blue franken. As cheesy as Arnold Freeze is, I have a hard time coming up with fitting names for these polishes.

Sweet cuppin’ cakes!*

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*This title is brought to you by Strongbad.

Remember this bottle of confection I showed you? (I should hope so, since it was in my last post)

Still continue to ignore my nail and cuticles...

Well, after I posted the above picture, I painted my nails with it. The polish, not the picture. Then I slept on it. Then I woke up to a nice sunny day and took pictures. These are those pictures.

Oh and as usual, ignore the state of my hands. Lots of dishwashing shifts.

I love how it's ALMOST like a jelly glitter sandwich!

I'm trying to catch those rays...

The return of the drink shot! It's been a while...

One thing you can’t really see in these pictures (or this polish really) is the teeny tiny holo glitter that is scattered through the bottle. It was a sacrifice I had to make in the name of frankens. In truth I really could have layered these polishes but where the hell is the fun in that? I love the jelly look of this sugary polish. Now if only I could come up with a name…

Save some money; franken a polish…

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I have been noticeably absent. I know. In my defense, I have been making A LOT of frankens. In an effort to cut back on spending, I’ve stopped buying nail polish. Instead, I am making it.

Never in my life have I tried to hide that I am a dork. A lot of people make franken collections with a really cool theme. The one I am working on now, is based and named after Arnold Schwartzenegger’s portrayal of Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin. Don’t get me wrong; that movie was terrible and Arnold was his usual cheesy self in a role that was completely and utterly WRONG for him. But that is why I love him. The high cheese factor. In fact, once I am finished with these Mr. Freeze polishes, I should try my hand at Arnold inspired polishes in general. I don’t think it’s been done before. And why would it have been?

Anywho, I will post pictures of my latest pretties, in the hopes that I will shortly be swatching them for you all. Some of them have no names, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Ciao!

Ice to see you!

I ended up putting this polish into an empty bottle that wasn’t frosted so you could see it better. When I swatch that polish, I will photograph that bottle. This one is called “Ice To Meet You” courtesy of Mr. Freeze.

This needs a name!

Another Mr. Freeze inspired polish, without a name as of yet. I have a few choices lined up and when I swatch this bad boy, I will list the options. Maybe you can help me out a bit!

Cortese's Ruby

When I initially started frankening polishes, I wanted to make a collection inspired by one of my favourite shows, Supernatural. I loved Ruby and when I found out that Jared was going to marry Genevieve Cortese (who plays Ruby#2) I was giddy with fangirl excitement. Those two are adorable. Anywho…this polish was a while in the making. I had a hard time finding the perfect vampy base for the shock of red glitter. I think this did the trick.


Excuse my ragged hands and nails...

This one is so pretty, yet so nameless. It’s basically icing in a bottle of nail polish. But I can’t name it “Bottle of Icing” because that is lame. Any thoughts would be appreciated! This will probably be my first swatch post from this round of frankens because…I am applying it right now. It’s VERY pretty and I hope it’s sunny tomorrow!


Holo goodies!!!!

I am SO happy with how these turned out! Well…the dark one is supposed to be a duochrome blue because I used Essie’s “Dive Bar” to make it. It’s there but it’s very faint. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.

OK. I need to go. Jamison is hitting random numbers and letters and I am at the end of my patience rope.

Until next time, readers!

More fun with frankens!

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I’ve been frankening up a storm lately. I’m not sure what it is, but I just have to make a lot of polish!




I love this colour. It’s lush and glowy and RAWR!



And this was a colour I whipped up for Jamison’s sister. She’s a big pink polish fan (her words) and I do not enjoy the colour half as much. But I could make an exception for this glitter love!