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From the Vault: Hard Candy “Cotton Candy Pink”

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Aloha! Do you ever have days where you swatch a bunch of nail polish, take photos, look at said photos and realize you are terrible? I need to work on my skills. Maybe build a light box. Also, get new cuticles. So, I decided to go rummaging through my photos from when I was in practice and my cuticle game was strong. I aspire to get back to those days.

Cotton Candy Pink is from the revamped Hard Candy nail polish line. It’s a really pretty jelly pink base with white, grey and purple/blue hex glitters. I used two coats for these swatches. I love these polishes. They’re called “Candy Sprinkles” and I’m fairly certain I have them all. There are seven in total and they all have that delicious candy look to them.

These photos were also taken before the great nail fail of 2013, which is hard to believe was almost two years ago. And, admittedly, my cuticle game isn’t AS strong as it could’ve been. None the less, they look better than they do right now. I need to dig this colour out of its box and wear it again. The pink is so flattering with my skin tone!

Cotton Candy Pink

Yeah. Definitely need to slap this baby on again.

Cotton Candy Pink2

Mr. J and I are officially moved in to the house now! The fun of setting up and planning my nail polish room begins. The walls are plaster and lath, which knocks wall mounting shelves out of the running. Oh the joys. That’s all for today, folks! See ya next time!

From The Vault: Color Club “On The Rocks”

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Aloha! Today I’m showing you an old polish that I swatched and then never posted because…reasons.

On The Rocks is from the Fiesta collection that Color Club released in early 2013 I believe? It wasn’t a groundbreaking collection but I love Color Club so I will always reach for their colours over most of the ones in my collection. However, I did find this collection to have very hit and miss formulas. The formula on this one was a hit! Thank goodness because if there is one polish colour I love, it’s silver.

It was opaque in one coat and not overly brushstrokey. Always a bonus.


The picture quality is a little lacking because…more reasons.


Oh my GAWD this polish! I need to find a gel polish in this colour because I could wear it forever. Especially with some black studs…mmmmm. If I hadn’t just put on some gorgeous holo, I’d throw this bad boy on. I will have to do some updated swatches and pictures. Until then, enjoy these and make it your goal to find an amazing silver foil that you can love and cherish.

Adventures in nail depression

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Aloha friends! This post is an in-depth look and explanation for where I have been these last few months.

After the drama that was slicing my finger open, I thought I’d be able to show you archive photos that I never bothered to post, for a plethora of reasons. But the more I looked at how nice my nails were and how pretty all those polishes looked, I started to get kind of down on my hands. And then, one night while editing said photos, Mr. J said “Wow, look how nice your cuticles were!” I know he meant it as a compliment and I know he didn’t mean to upset me. But that was the tipping point. I realized how much I’d neglected nail care since that fateful April day and now my cuticles (and nails) looked like garbage.

The more I looked at my poor, peeling, naked nails, the more I started to resent all of my polish. It was mocking me. So I moped for about three days before I decided to use my healing time as a chance to whip my nails back in shape. And it worked. For about two weeks. Then that resentment started to rear its ugly head again. All that polish and the inability to wear it. Or…was it? I thought “WHO CARES IF I CAN’T PAINT ONE NAIL! IT WILL BE THE NEW LOOK! WOUNDED ACCENT NAIL!” Depressed me thinks in capitals to try and get myself excited about things. Sometimes it works and sometimes it crashes and burns. This was an occasion where it worked.

Side note: It honestly NEVER occurred to me to use my Cinderella hand in place of my model hand until about two months after the event. By this point, I was deep in my pit of despair.

Back to the story… so I busted out some polish and painted my nails with excitement oozing from my pores. Two nails in, I realized that it was not even close to being the same. Then I thought “Well, I’ll just move that finger out of the hand pose and then I can still blog!”

No. That was even worse than the mutilated finger itself. I looked like a Ninja Turtle. And not in the good way. But I held out hope that I would get used to it and before long, my nail would be grown out.

Wrong again. Eventually I just gave up entirely and went naked for three months. Yes. THREE MONTHS WITHOUT NAIL POLISH. The more days that passed without it, the sadder I got and before long, I wouldn’t even read my favourite polish blogs. Everything just hurt too much. And then that monumental day in August should have been the turning point. But, once again, I had let my nail care fall away and my cuticles and nails were disgusting again. So, I just gave up. But VERY slowly, I began to crawl out of my deep, deep hole. I started looking at nail polish again. I started slathering my hands in Vaseline and cuticle oil (they’re still a bit rough looking but that’s work’s fault). I began reading my favourite blogs again. I bought a few new bottles of polish. And then…one day…I worked up the nerve and painted them. And it has been a VERY slow, uphill battle since then. Of course there were and are other factors that come into play. I’m really working towards opening my own bakery. I also took myself off of some medication that basically made me a zombie. But mostly, I just need to be excited about nail polish again. And fall is a good time for that. Anywho, if you’ve made it this far, thank you. I love you all so much and I can’t wait to start blogging again. Here is a little collage of my failed attempts at “Mutilated Accent Nail” manis.


Super Mario Bros. 2 Phanto Nail Art

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*hangs head in shame* Aloha. I don’t even know what to say. Other than, never slice your finger open and jack up your nail on your swatching hand. Especially when you’re on the cusp of an emotional downward spiral. Because then you can’t even TRY do do something you love, as people will make fun of you for painting all but one of your nails. I finally caved a couple of weeks ago and bought a set of those imPress fake nails. Ya know, the ones without glue? POO ON THEM. They made me even more miserable! So not my cup of tea. AND to top it all off, I found some BUTTER F’N LONDON at my local Winners. FOR SUPER CHEAP! Well, super cheap buy BL standards. SO I CAN’T EVEN SHARE THAT VICTORY WITH YOU, OTHER THAN THIS GLORIOUS PICTURE!:

Photo 2013-07-09 2 20 38 PM


*cries* It’s so pretty! I just…can my nail be back to normal please?

Now, time for some nails that didn’t make me want to sob every time I looked at them:



Anyone that has ever played Super Mario Bros 2 for NES, know who this chump is. He was a colossal pain in the ass whenever you snatched the key you needed to unlock a door somewhere. You had to keep throwing it and picking it back up again like an asshole, just to get him to leave you alone. That’s right. I’m talking about Phanto. Hate him or love him (usually hate him), he is a pretty unforgettable face from SMB2. Now, this is not my neatest work, because I was impatient and didn’t want to fiddle with tape so I just freehanded. That being said, I am still happy with him. Will I do it again? Or probably, but I will make it nice and crisp. The red and white lines on my fingers were actually really thick, so I removed them all the next day and did a matte jelly sandwich with red glitter.



I like the matter version a lot. I had actually planned on using this in a series of video game nail art, so maybe the revamp will show up then. Either way, I really liked THIS version of Phanto.

Thanks for sticking with me through this irregular period of posting! ❤

OPI Russian Navy Suede with Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

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Well. I would say Aloha but I feel terrible for disappearing. I mean, yes. I’ve done it before and yes, you saw the devastation of my finger. But I also said I had archives that needed cleaning. And I failed. I am very sorry. So today I am here with one of those archive posts.

This is OPI Russian Navy Suede. I’m sure I’ve posted it before, because quite frankly, it’s a wonderful polish. It’s so easy to apply and it dries just as quick.

And then I topped it with my latest obsession: Hard Candy Black Tie Optional. BOOM! Amazing just got  better.

Russian Navy Suede5

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Lamest Blogger Award goes to ME!

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Not because of my sporadic post schedule. No. That’s something that comes with the territory of me. I mean this in the sense of, I wear a polish. I LOVE a polish, so I take picture of said polish, so I can share with you guys. And I don’t make a note of it, because I am so sure that, since I love it so much, I will immediately remember it when I see the pictures…yeah. Not a chance.

I’m sure many (if not all) of you have been there very early on. While you were toying with the idea of starting a blog, perhaps? Or is it just me, who is a complete flake and doesn’t write things down? Case in point; this lovely gold:




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“It was the Joker” Batman nails!

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I had planned this post for about a month. Then sat on it because…I was unsure if I was completely happy with it. And then that horrible, AWFUL man claiming he was the Joker opened fire at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, which left the whole world in shock. And I will give Christian Bale all of my admiration and respect for being one of the most flawless human beings in Hollywood, and going to visit all of those affected by the shooting; completely under the radar without any publicity or photographers. Because he is Batman amazing. And I love Batman him.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Batman. My childhood best friend ended up with scores of comics from his uncle and I remember sitting around his house in the summers, reading and re-reading every Batman Detective comic he had. And I tried my hardest never to miss an episode of The Animated Series. At one point, my family  moved into a house that had free basic cable (which was a HUGE deal for a kid in the 90s. Especially one that had spent the better part of the previous year living in a trailer) and I somehow got REALLY into the 60s series with the always fabulous Adam West. Then came the first movie. Michael Keaton was stellar as Bruce Wayne and did a fair job as Batman. It was hard to let go of the voice of Kevin Conroy as my caped crusader. But MK pulled it off. And I will get heat for this but…Jack Nicholson’s Joker was…no. But, again, it was hard to let go of Mark Hamill’s Joker. However, it is very hard for anyone to hold a candle to him. I was over the friggin UNIVERSE when he was Joker for BOTH Arkham games. If anyone could dethrone Mark Hamill, it would have definitely been Heath Ledger. When presented with a role like that, and to take it to the darkness that he did…mad respect for Heath (R.I.P). The corners of my memory are trying to tell me that two other Batman movies were made before Christopher Nolan stepped in and pulled that franchise out of the gutter but I’m pretty sure my memory is wrong. Because no one would pay Joel Schumacher money to give Gotham City a makeover with glow paint while on copious amounts of LSD.

Wait…I was trying to lead up to my nail art. WOW. Got on a bit of a tangent there. Sorry about that.

I LOVE MARK HAMILL’S JOKER! There. Now that I’ve lured you in with all that rambling and summed it up in one sentence, I believe you earned pictures of my Joker nails. I loved the suits the best. His “smile” didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped. But I still like how they turned out.

I’m still waiting for that “improvement” to kick in.

I realized AFTER I took these pictures, that his suits were upside down from this angle, while his mouth was right side up. That drove me absolutely insane.

And because of the wrong I had committed, I was forced to take pictures of my *shudder* right hand.

MUCH better…well. Sort of. These were the nails that I ended up rocking for most of my holiday at the beginning of July. I la-la-LAHved this design. So much that I want to do one for all of the Batman villains. But first, I must acquire some patience and skill.

Until next time, adventurers!