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Aloha! If you couldn’t tell from the title, I have big news for you today! Like…HUGELY BIG NEWS! I thought about this post all day yesterday and today. I was thinking about writing some silly, sad attempt at wit and humour for you. But then I realized that this is something that I just need to slap you in the computer screens with, using pictures. And to do that, we need to go on a little journey. If you’re squeamish, I suggest just scrolling to the end of this post to see my victory.

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What’s goin’ on here? Nail Polish Rack update!

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Aloha readers! I’m not sure if I actually came right out and said it or not, but I took the plunge and made my own nail polish racks out of foamboard based on THIS tutorial. I will admit I was skeptical. I mean…nail polish can get pretty heavy. But I made two and figured I’d give them a shot. Well…I haven’t even hung them yet but I love them. Nail polish never looked so pretty.


Yes. That is moustache duct tape. I love moustaches. I am definitely going to make more racks.

…once I heal. Yes. That is another reason why I am here today. I was cleaning my polish room today, when disaster struck. Reaching in to a drawer, the middle finger on my photo hand found a broken exacto knife blade. And that blade was ANGRY.


I spent the better part of an hour in the ER, with a maxi pad wrapped and taped to my finger. Somehow, in my adrenaline filled haze, I had the sense to wrap my finger in something designed to absorb copious amounts of blood, not bleed anywhere in the apartment, run out of said apartment AND remember to lock the door, and book it to the hospital. Yeah. Shock is a wonderful thing. It wasn’t until I got there that the shaking and the reality set in. It was just under the cuticle. Did I hit any nerves? Did I get my nail bed? Will I need stitches? Will I ever blog again?

I kid you now, that was one of my questions in my head. So, I got my “stitches”, got bandaged up and walked home to continue my cleaning. Now I wish I had called in to work, because my finger is in excruciating pain and I can’t bend it. Also I’m not allowed to get it wet. If you’re new to my blog, I work at Quiznos. That is like a death trap for a finger that just had a bad breakup with a broken blade.

I am also now well aware of all the things you can’t do with a middle finger that won’t bend without making you want to murder everything in the immediate area.

So, for now, you will get a random assortment of pictures and maybe some current ones with something photoshopped over my stupidity of an injury.

Moral of the story? Just dump the effing drawer onto the floor.

Lamest Blogger Award goes to ME!

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Not because of my sporadic post schedule. No. That’s something that comes with the territory of me. I mean this in the sense of, I wear a polish. I LOVE a polish, so I take picture of said polish, so I can share with you guys. And I don’t make a note of it, because I am so sure that, since I love it so much, I will immediately remember it when I see the pictures…yeah. Not a chance.

I’m sure many (if not all) of you have been there very early on. While you were toying with the idea of starting a blog, perhaps? Or is it just me, who is a complete flake and doesn’t write things down? Case in point; this lovely gold:




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New Blog Feature: Fossil Fridays!

Hey there! Hi there!

I decided to start this feature when I was going through my horde stash and realized how many polishes have been with me since the beginning…of time. And a lot of my polishes really don’t deserve the “fossil” label. But in the polish world, they are probably considered as such. And to be fair, quite a few of my polishes have been with me since before I hit double digits. I am sad to say that I have thrown some polishes away. However, A LOT of them have stood the test of time. So I am starting this feature as a sharing of sorts for people that may need a bit of nostalgia. Or who are new to the polish world and don’t know of a time when chemicals gave polishes unopposed formulas of awesome, or that smell that would knock The Joker unconscious! To start out, this may not be something I post every week, but I will do my best! And there is a never ending supply of old polish out in the world. I also hope that this will give me motivation to purge even more of my collection. How is that going for me?


…I have one polish in my “Give away” bin. Yes. I know. I am horrible. ONE polish. Sigh. The hoarder jokes are starting to get to me…but I just can’t let go. IN MY DEFENSE! It’s nail polish and not paper cups.  Which Mr. J seems to think is the sign of a true hoarder. And I acknowledge my need to get rid of some of my nail polish. So HA! Not a hoarder! Evidence may not be in my favour, but you can be damn sure that I am working on finding better homes for some of my polish. So stay tuned (about five or so minutes) for my inaugural Fossil Friday!

ACC Day 9: Pine with Color Club Ho Ho Holly!

So…yeah *looks down at feet and toes ground sheepishly* I got completely derailed by day nine, which was pine. Mainly because…wtf am I going to do with that? A bunch of other people did some VERY awesome pine tree manis but I just could not get mine to work. So I copped out and just slapped on some Color Club “Ho Ho Holly” and called it a day. And I was happy. Because…honestly, this green foil/fleck polish is TO. DIE. FOR. If you like green polish. Which I do. A lot.

However, as much as I adore this polish (I’ve worn it about a grillion times in the last two weeks) I feel like GOSH’s Golden Dragon could be a possible dupe. I will have to look into that. But enough babble. PICTURES!



These are taken inside, under the cold, harsh fluorescent lights of work. But they are still fairly colour accurate. Just not entirely flattering to me. But I don’t care hahaha.




Stay tuned tomorrow, when I post the rest of the days I failed to post. I still need to edit those pictures. But! I will tease some recent excitement in my life!

Hmmm...what could that wording mean?

Hmmm…what could that wording mean?

Could GOSH "Holographic Hero" have fallen into my clutches?

Could GOSH “Holographic Hero” have fallen into my clutches?


Starting a new series…

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I started going through my nail polish and realized that I have a few colours that are regrettably the same. It is inevitable. So, in an effort to help others avoid the mistakes I’ve made (or to help them save a few bucks or grab once thought HTF polish), I’ll be starting the series:


Ho ho ho, I am hilarious. I’ll place the polishes side by side, and let you decide if you do in fact, want the dupe or the original. Hence the name. (Ho ho ho, I’m still hilarious). And then for fun, I’ll throw a picture of the polishes swatched on my own nails, unlabeled, and see how bang on you are with your guesses. Maybe one day, when I have more followers and more nail polishes than one human being will actually ever need in a lifetime, I will start giving one of the polishes away.

Until then, I will just leave the small test for readers. If they are anything like myself, the idea of needing to be right will drive them insane.

I’ll leave with a little preview of what I have in store for you…

My first dupe discovery!

I will take better pictures when I actually post these guys!

Until we meet again…

Cosmetic Arts Silver Belle

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I don’t own many holo polishes. I can count them on one hand (four). Mainly because I find it almost criminal to fork over close to 20 bucks for a bottle, when really they only look great in the sun. Being from Canada, sun is about as valuable as gold. So, when one of the first gorgeous days of the Spring season began to tease us with the coming attraction of Summer, I knew I had to get ready to bust out the rainbow.

Well…the rainbow has never been one for photographs, double or not. So I tried my best to capture that gorgeous linear glow. This random polish from Winners is the biggest bottle of holo I have so I used it.

When I purchased it, it didn’t have a name. And I despise unlabelled colours. I wasn’t too put off because I live in the age of Google. Well. Google can suck someone’s junk because it was toeing the line of “useless.” Digging basically to the liquid hot magma of the internet, I found out that this polish MAY be called “Silver Belle.” Well you know what? That is what it’s called because I CAN’T STAND HAVING NO NAME POLISHES. So, without further ado, the only pictures I could get of the rainbow, before the sun got jealous of the attention.


See how BLAH it is without direct sunlight?









I’ll even throw in a preview of a new Joe Fresh polish I have. I’m wearing it on my thumb.