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China Glaze “Mind The Gap”

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Aloha! I know I sort of vanished, didn’t I? I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my last post, but I got a promotion at work. Go me! It hasn’t really kept me much busier than usual, but somehow I feel busier and I just didn’t have the energy to blog. It doesn’t help that this winter is kicking my ass as far as cuticle care and moisturizing goes. No joke, I have been SLATHERING my hands in Lemony Flutter at bedtime and when I wake up, my hands are still flaking. I don’t understand and am a step away from sleeping in gloves filled with Vaseline and Polysporin. But enough about that. On with the nail polish!

Mind the Gap is an amazing ugly pretty olive green polish with a blue shimmer. WOW do I love this polish. I don’t even care that it looks gross on me. I love it despite that. My bottle was a touch thin and streaky on the first coat but fixed itself after coat two. I used three coats, because it was sheer, yet it built pretty well. I feel like because my bottle was more on the thin side, three coats didn’t feel heavy.

Mind The Gap2

UGH. I just love this!

Mind The Gap3

That’s all I have for today. It’s almost time for another polish purge! I can’t believe it. I feel like I just did one, but that’s a lie. Stop it, brain. It’s been six months since you purged. I’ll see you guys next time!

Ciate “Superficial” AC Day 14

Aloha! I sort of vanished, didn’t I? Well. The last four days were insane. I had just enough time to sleep and breathe, so nail painting and blogging was out of the question. That’s the only downside to this series. I can’t schedule posts in advance because…it’s an advent calendar and I’m not going to cheat. Mainly because Mr. J would kill me. Plus it’s fun to have a new polish to look forward to every day. Day 12 was the black version of “Girl With A Pearl” and Day 13 was a polish I already have, and until now, was sure I had blogged! I’ll be sure to post it tomorrow! Today (Day 15) I got another loose glitter, which I still can’t deal with right now. I’m so wiped out but things should calm down a smidge. At least until next week.

Superficial is a weird colour. I honestly can’t tell if it’s green or blue. Sometimes, I’m sure it’s green. Then, other times, it’s absolutely blue. No, it’s not a duochrome. It’s just a standard creme shade. Ciate’s website says it’s a “deep marine aqua” colour. Er…ok. I’d describe it as a deep hunter green, but that’s me. It does indeed have blue in it but I’d call it green. This is actually the shade of green I always pictured Slytherin wearing. I used two coats for the pictures below and guys. There HAS to be something wrong with my base coat because there is no way this many nail polishes have a terrible formula. It’s was patchy and kind of a nightmare. You can see it at the tips of my nails, all the trouble I had. And it has been almost ALL of the Ciate polishes I’ve used. So it can’t be the polish. That would be too unfortunate.


It’s such a pretty colour, formula flaws or not. That’s all for Day 14! Stay tuned tomorrow for a look at Day 13 and Day 16!

Butter London “Jack The Lad”

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Aloha lovlies! I’m here today with some swatches of Jack The Lad. This wasn’t my first butter London polish, but it seems to be the only one I keep reaching for when I want a fun mani. I LOVE the colour and the multicoloured sparkle it has. The pictures I have are of two separate swatches, because I am just THAT bad at posting polishes as I wear them. Good for me. The first time I wore it, I placed silver studs at the base of my nails. And then the second time, I wore it alone.

It applied beautifully, with full coverage in two coats. It’s a gorgeous deep green polish with flashes of blue and yellow-gold.

Jack The Lad

Jack The Lad2


I seriously love this polish. And here it is, all on it’s own with no studs. And better lighting.

Jack the Lad7

Jack The Lad11

Here you can see it’s glorious glass fleck sparkle. I am definitely impressed with butter London’s polishes so far. I hope to eventually have more than three.

Sorry it’s so short today but I am writing this about 20 minutes before I have to go to work. I hope you like this polish and I will see you next time!

Color Club “Wild Cactus”

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Aloha! Yeah, I’ve been away again. I’m going to be straight with you guys. I have been really unhappy the last month or so. And I don’t mean like “bad day at work” kind of sad. Inexplicable, sometimes crippling sadness that wouldn’t go away. Most days, I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I’m making a doctor’s appointment as soon as I get my schedule for next week and hopefully things can get back on track. Plus, looking at my mangled nail every day doesn’t help. I don’t paint my nails because well…do you know how stupid it looks hahahaha. Factor in my impending birthday in a little over a week, which ALWAYS puts me in a gloom for some reason and you have this moment right now. I want to ask for all of the nail polish in the world, but know that I won’t be able to enjoy wearing it for a bit. BUT I STILL WANT IT ALL!

But enough of that. I will let you know how everything goes after it all happens. Today I am showing you swatches of Color Club’s Wild Cactus from their Fiesta collection. I adored this collection and was over the moon when I managed to get my hands on it. I loved pretty much all of the colours, even if they weren’t really unique.

Wild Cactus was a colour I had a couple of issues with, but despite all of them, I only needed two coats. The formula was a bit streaky and runny, there was some weird wonk to my bottle that made it seem like it had lumps, but it didn’t pool in my cuticles, which is always a bonus for me.

Wild Cactus2

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Color Club “Sunrise Canyon”

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I swatched this entire collection but hated my swatches. Because I waited until the light was gone. Silly me. I do love the Fiesta collection. Some of the colours really aren’t unique, but they are pretty cool. Some of my bottles had weird formulas and applied wonky on their first coat. But a second one licked that problem. My first thought upon applying this was “Where the eff is a sunrise this colour?”




All that aside, I friggin love this! It is such a great, radioactive pea soup green. It did have a weirder formula than a couple of the others but SO WORTH IT. I mean…LOOK!



I drool over “ugly pretty” polishes the way Homer drools over donuts. I want them all and I want them all now!



Ugh. I can’t handle it! Definitely a winner!

And now I must go and cry forever about how Warehouse 13 keeps ruining my feelings and life with its ability to rip my heart out and eat it.

Wet N Wild Glowstick with some stamping

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Aloha! Currently, my nails are on the outs; a random chunk of skin from my right index finger went missing yesterday. Yes, I am mildly wounded, which means that finger is in a no polish zone. Because…OW. Also, as I mentioned, the slicer and I are on the outs. It took another nail yesterday. I have just about had it! I’m also still in a very sad place right now, which I won’t go into detail about because…BORING.

Yes, I am aware that I did that twice. It needed to be done. Also! I have been baking. And when I bake, nail polish takes a hit. I would love to be able to have them co-exist. Alas, food colouring and whatnot sort of ruins a mani. So here I am. I’m going to show you a FABULOUS glowy green from the Fergie Wet N Wild line that just showed up at my local Wal Mart.

It’s a great acid green with a golden/yellow shimmer that is. UNF. And I NEVER use that in text. But then…I had to go and stamp over it…for the first time. Yes. I was a stamping virgin up until this mani. Sure, I had dicked around with it, but had never done it seriously.

…I should have waited…



The first finger turned out just fine but then it all went downhill from there. LOOK AT THAT PINKY! WAS I DRUNK?! (The answer is: Probably)



Oh yeah. That’s the stuff…



I should put this on again! Must…paint…nails…

Fossil Friday Sally Hansen Ghoulish Green

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Aloha! Today I have a “gross one” as Mr. J calls it. This is an oldie (obviously) from Sally Hansen. It was part of an old Halloween collection, I assume. I’ve only shown it on its own, because if I layered it, I wouldn’t have day to capture it. But I do plan on layering this because BAM! There is a blue-green glow that I can’t wait to unleash on the sun!

After last week, I was hoping I would get this all scheduled to go up while I was at work, but then I was thrown a “closing shift” curveball last night and Mr. J was having a sleepover at his parents’ house. So, once again, I’m under the wire. But NOT next week. I will schedule this on Wednesday if I have to!

SH Ghoulish Green


SH Ghoulish Green2


Look at that bottle! Isn’t it ridiculous! I would also like to note that the meat slicer at Q and I are NOT on speaking terms. It seems to be hungry and the only thing that satiates it, would be my fingernails, apparently. It’s eaten FOUR of them. Yes. FOUR. Thankfully, my nails grow fast, so you haven’t had to see the aftermath of my traumas. I was also thinking of taking Folic acid, because it’s supposed to help with nail and hair growth. BUT, I do not need the headache of people in my life thinking I’m trying to have a baby.

SH Ghoulish Green4


Here is the Uggo under flash. It’s such a horrible colour but I LOVE IT.

Have a good night amigos and have a good weekend!