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Ciate “Strawberry Milkshake” AC Day 11

Aloha! I know I said I was going to use the loose glitter in today’s post but…guys. I friggin CAN’T. Loose glitter is one of the least appealing things to me right now and really, today’s colour isn’t a good compliment for the glitter. I will include pictures of the glitter in the bottle because it deserves to be seen. But you will have to wait to see it on the nail. Now is not a time for me for me to commit to glitter. Yeah, I know. It should always be time for me to commit to glitter. Instead, I chose to commit to this pastel pink nightmare. I said it. This polish is a nightmare. I don’t know if Ciate just really needs to work on their pastels and light cremes or if I am just completely inept. In a wild display of self esteem, I am blaming Ciate. Strawberry Milkshake was three coats of patchy, streaky baby pink mess. Don’t get me wrong, it is a gorgeous colour. For some reason, this and hot pink are the only sorts of pink I enjoy.

Strawberry Milkshake

Mmmmm it does actually look like a strawberry milkshake.

Strawberry Milkshake4

OK and now I will show you the glitter, in all of its glory.


This is Prima Ballerina. I have glitter like this that I bought for a dollar but it’s ok because it is a pretty glitter. I am actually excited to use it. Just not right now. If I get another loose glitter tomorrow, I am going to go on a rampage. See you tomorrow!

Sephora “Pink Bikini”

Aloha! I know it’s been a while. It always has. I’m trying to get better. In fact, I’m spending all day swatching a bunch of polish and then tomorrow I will edit photos and schedule posts. At least, that’s the plan. Today though, I’m going to share an old Sephora polish I got way back in June for my birthday. Yeah. I just wore it this month. Go me. It’s a polish from a mini set called “Paint Rio in Neon”, which is exactly what it sounds like. A set of four mini neon polishes. The bottles are coloured to match the polish that contains them, which is pretty cool.

The colour I’m going to show you today is called Pink Bikini. It’s not a TRUE neon shade, which was a bit of a bummer when I first applied it. But it grew on. It wasn’t quite a “bleached” neon. More of a “bright” polish I suppose. It was a surprisingly flattering pink shade for me. I have issues with pinks and reds. They need blue tones in them, or I hate the look of them on me. Oddly enough, oranges are not such a problem. But now I’m off topic. I applied two coats of Pink Bikini and called it a day. I would’ve applied top coat, but I actually liked how it dried down. It dried with a rubber kind of look and that was enough for me.

Sephora Pink Bikini

It’s not as bubblegum pink in real life but that is par for the course with neons. True or not. The formula was so creamy and dreamy, I can only hope the other three (green, orange and yellow) are just as cooperative. I didn’t have to do any cleanup at all. Not that I usually do anyway, if we’re being honest.

Sephora Pink Bikini2

I just love this colour! I will definitely be keeping it.

Which brings me to my last bit of news: I’m moving (into a house) and am trying to trim down my collection haha. So I am going on a swatch rampage to make sure I like how the colours look on me! You better believe I am going to document that process and show you my new area, when it’s all set up!

Color Club – Wing Fling

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Can I just start this by saying a few things?

A) Pink is not my preferred colour.

B) I am well aware that more than one of my posts feature a pink nail polish.

Now that I have that out of the way, here is one of the summer glass fleck polishes from Color Club: Wing Fling. Almost everyone (myself included) really hoped that the duochrome in the bottle would come through on the nail. I was disappointed to see that it didn’t punch me in the face. But I was SHOCKED to discover that I LIKE this pink. I LIKED THIS PINK. Actually, if memory serves me, I’ve liked all the pinks that I’ve posted. Wing fling may take the cake. Or at least share the cake with Coral Denomiator. It has an ever so subtle gold and purple duochrome that rarely shows up on the nail. BUT WHO CARES WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE THIS?!

Pardon Jamison’s feet in both of these pictures (although I’m sure if I hadn’t said anything, you wouldn’t have noticed) but these are the only indoor shots that I managed to get. Outside, in the sun…PHWOAR! STUNNER

Can’t capture the colour shift! And that glitter is a Sally Hansen gem overcoat

Tried for the golden glint…


I hate that my bottles are never labelled…

Wing Fling is part of the Take Wing Summer 2012 collection. As far as I know, you can still find this polish and its partners. I picked mine up in a two pack at Winners, which was a let down. It cost more money than just buying the whole collection outright. Ah well. Color Club is worth it!

Wet N Wild – How I Met Your Magenta

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GROAN. The names on these core Fast Dry colours are so cheesy, my lactose intolerance is acting up. Some are worse than others (SaGreena The Teenage Witch, anyone?), but I have to admit that the colours are pretty great. Yes. I am saying that a pink polish, is pretty great. If it were just a plain Barbie/bubblegum pink cream, forget it. But allow me to make my case for this unfortunately named beauty.


Well, not so secret shimmer. Geniusly placed golden shimmer. And it actually comes through on the nail! Had I bothered to apply top coat (which I so often forego because I enjoy sleep) I’m sure it would be more evident. Oh well. Live and learn. Maybe if I get a job that DOESN’T involve food or dishes…

Well hello gorgeous!

I only applied two coats, but if you take countless pictures of your hands like I do, you may want to go with a third to avoid VNL. And don’t forget a top coat! As you can see, it dried with a bit of a suede/velvet finish, which isn’t always a bad thing…unless there is shimmer. Then you want the high gloss shine!

Under a lamp! Look at that gold!

In my almost two years with Jamison, I over-use the exclamation point. The fact that he and I grew up reading Archie comics doesn’t help. They end everything with an exclamation point!

Then, the next day, I added a black crackle accent nail (and top coat) to spice things up! Of course, it didn’t survive Quiznos. Oh well. Just another reason to breathe and reboot!

80s rockstar!

All in all, it is a great colour for a great price. I got mine at Wal Mart but from what I’ve seen, you can pick this up from any place that sells Wet N Wild.

More fun with frankens!

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I’ve been frankening up a storm lately. I’m not sure what it is, but I just have to make a lot of polish!




I love this colour. It’s lush and glowy and RAWR!



And this was a colour I whipped up for Jamison’s sister. She’s a big pink polish fan (her words) and I do not enjoy the colour half as much. But I could make an exception for this glitter love!

Untried #14 (perhaps): Color Club Fame and Fortune

Now, I had seen swatches on polish blogs and drooled. I love glitter. I don’t care if it’s chunky, fine, micro, or the size of boulders. Glitter could drown me and I wouldn’t give a flying rat’s ass. Now, I come from a small town and “big name” collections don’t really make it to my neck of the woods. So when I stumbled into Winners on that fateful day and saw the collection there, I threw my no-buy out the window and whipped a twenty dollar bill from my wallet. No regrets here. Every single one of these bottles, is a tiny orgasm from glitter lovers like myself.

Now, Fame and Fortune was the one that got the most hype, but it was also the one I was most wary of. It’s in a pink/red jelly base. Enough said. But the holographic flakes are just…AMAZING. They’re like shards of broken cd in a bottle. I love it. Being raised in the age of the Compact Disc, I appreciate this look. I will never see anything else when I look down at my nails while wearing this colour. It is a bottle of murdered cds and the pinky-red base, is the blood. Morbid, I know. But so perfect for someone like me.


From a normal distance...


Just hanging out, conducting every day activities. Like drinking


I just loved how those two chunks merged on my pinky. The colour isn’t 100% true. It’s more pink than red.

My God I love this


The problem with trying to capture this with a picture, is that you can’t see the broken cd element like I do. But trust me. It’s there.

I’m hoping one day soon, I will have a good camera to start taking pictures with.

Until next time!