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Ciate “Superficial” AC Day 14

Aloha! I sort of vanished, didn’t I? Well. The last four days were insane. I had just enough time to sleep and breathe, so nail painting and blogging was out of the question. That’s the only downside to this series. I can’t schedule posts in advance because…it’s an advent calendar and I’m not going to cheat. Mainly because Mr. J would kill me. Plus it’s fun to have a new polish to look forward to every day. Day 12 was the black version of “Girl With A Pearl” and Day 13 was a polish I already have, and until now, was sure I had blogged! I’ll be sure to post it tomorrow! Today (Day 15) I got another loose glitter, which I still can’t deal with right now. I’m so wiped out but things should calm down a smidge. At least until next week.

Superficial is a weird colour. I honestly can’t tell if it’s green or blue. Sometimes, I’m sure it’s green. Then, other times, it’s absolutely blue. No, it’s not a duochrome. It’s just a standard creme shade. Ciate’s website says it’s a “deep marine aqua” colour. Er…ok. I’d describe it as a deep hunter green, but that’s me. It does indeed have blue in it but I’d call it green. This is actually the shade of green I always pictured Slytherin wearing. I used two coats for the pictures below and guys. There HAS to be something wrong with my base coat because there is no way this many nail polishes have a terrible formula. It’s was patchy and kind of a nightmare. You can see it at the tips of my nails, all the trouble I had. And it has been almost ALL of the Ciate polishes I’ve used. So it can’t be the polish. That would be too unfortunate.


It’s such a pretty colour, formula flaws or not. That’s all for Day 14! Stay tuned tomorrow for a look at Day 13 and Day 16!