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Ciate Advent Calendar Catchup Part 1!

Aloha! So, I have a lot of catching up to do with the Advent Calendar. What can I say? Life happened. When I last left you, I was talking to you about Superficial, which is a gorgeous colour. I’m not going to label the days because I honestly can’t remember which ones are which, so I’m just going to spam you with swatch photos.

Beach Bum was a fantastic nudey sand colour that looked so good on me. I’m sure I have a handful of colours just like this but for now, let’s pretend this is the only one. It did have that horrible patchy formula that seems to have plagued all of my Ciate cremes thus far. I just don’t get it. It’s got to be me. There is no way a brand of polish can be this bad. I refuse to believe it. I used two coats for the photos below.

Beach Bum

Apple and Custard was a weird colour. It’s a pea soup green that looks life barf on the first coat, then seems to find its legs on the second. At first, I really hated this colour. But it kinda grew on me. Not much, but a little. It had that same weird patchiness going on and guys. At this point in the AC, I’m getting a little bummed. The colours are ok, nothing amazing. They are pretty but plain. That might just be my love for flashy colours talking though. Espadrilles should’ve come way later in the calendar. It’s been my favourite so far.

Apple and Custard3

Knee Highs is a deep, shimmery navy blue. This is more like it! Then again, I doubt I could ever find a blue I hate. I LOVE when deep colours have that glow from within going on. Once I applied the first coat of this, I breathed a sigh of relief. A smooth, effortless formula. No patchiness, no streaking. Just buttery goodness.

Knee Highs

Next up, is Talent Scout, which is a great purple creme. Yes, I used the word great to describe a Ciate creme. I recently bought a bottle of Duri’s Rejuvacote and used that as my base for this polish. It must’ve been my base coat all along. I added an accent of Push and Shove as well. That was polish was…woah. In a good and bad way. The special base coat that comes with it really does nothing to help apply it. But that’s another post for another day. I really loved Talent Scout. It was a dusty, red toned purple as I was applying it, then just seemed to pull out some random blue tone once it was dry. Works for me! I used to coats for the photos below!

Talent Scout

That’s it for this post. Next post I will be back with the rest of my Advent Calendar polishes, including today’s full sized polish! Happy Christmas Eve, loves!